Cyber Security

Every day companies, and even individuals suffer from hacker’s accounts, therefore at HIGHUWUPWEB ACADEMY, we aim at building Ethical Hackers and Cybersecurity specialist who will help people fight against hackers.

For this particular course, we have trained and certified ethical hackers who give you the skills you need to undertake an application penetration test in order to make sure that a company, enterprise, school or even peoples valuable data and assets are effectively protected from the hands of what we term “bad guys”.

The course is done both with practicals and theory, giving you just what you need to become a professional in this domain.

ICICT Training center Cameroon - HIGHUPWEB ACADEMY


  • How intruders escalate privileges
  • What steps can be taken to secure a system
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Policy Creation
  • Social Engineering
  • Virus Creation
  • And lots more

Course Benefits

  • Certificate of training
  • Detailed plan on conducting vulnerability assessments and penetration tests and applying them.
  • Access to a functional PHP application
  • Lab Project
  • Take Home Exercises
  • FREE Driving Lessons

Course Benefits

  • Job Seekers
  • Graduate Trainee
  • Secondary School and University Students

N.B: Hackers are innovators; they constantly find new ways to attack information systems and exploit vulnerable systems that is why we teach you ethical hacking and cybersecurity which will enable you identify, prevent and kick out any attacker. 

Who is an Ethical Hacker? This is simply a professional who had the same knowledge that malicious hackers have, but he uses his knowledge to look for weaknesses in targeted systems and then lawfully uses his tools and strategy to secure this server or system.

DURATION: 16 Weeks

LECTURES: 84 Hours

FEE: 150,000 fcfa