Robotics Engineering

Robotics to begin with, is a branch of technology which entails designing, constructing, operating, robots. For this program we have experienced trainers who will be doing just practical lessons with the students. These trainers will show steps on how to build real life robot, and also how to code. 

Our robotic classes is done in two different phases

  • For the first phase of our robotic program, we will be teaching block coding which is meant for those who are new to coding or the younger ones.
  • The second phase deals with C++ Robotics Developing. This robotics training covers C++ programming language, where you will learn to program Robots using the famous Robot Operating System (ROS) framework in C++
ICICT Training center Cameroon - HIGHUPWEB ACADEMY


  • How to create a wheeled robot that can navigate in different angles, on its own
  • How to become a better problem solver.
  • How to analyze problems and design solutions
  • How to integrate simple mechanical parts with motors, batteries, sensors and other electronics.
  • How to select the right parts, configuring them, assembling them and testing them
  • And lots more

Who is this course for?

  • Developers who want to learn about ROS for robotics development
  • Developers interested in coding robot functionality in C++
  • Anyone interested in robotics
  • Students, engineers, graduates etc.
  • Job Seekers

Course benefits

  • Certificate of training
  • Lab Project
  • Take Home Exercises
  • FREE Driving Lessons


LECTURES: 84 Hours

FEE: 100,000 fcfa