3 days Frontiers Sympodium organized by the Royal Academy of Engineering in Addis Ababa

Highupweb academy was honored to take part in a 3 days Frontiers Sympodium organized by the Royal Academy of Engineering in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from the 11th to the 14th of October 2022.

The Frontiers Symposium: Engineering Inclusive Economies, was a highly interactive and curated symposia that brought together academics, industry professionals, NGO staff and policy makers around a single topic related to the SDGs in a welcoming and inspiring format. In order to build a sustainable society and an inclusive economy that will be beneficial for everyone, the Royal Academy of Engineering is making great use of the power of engineering, by growing different talents, driving innovation, building partnerships worldwide, and developing skills that will be very beneficial in and for the future.

During this program, given that it was an interactive event, HIGHUPWEB ACADEMY Team had the opportunity to network and interact with 69 great innovators, proactive researchers from 17 countries around world.

The HIGHUPWEB ACADEMY team had the opportunity to visit the breathtaking Science and Art Museum in Addis Ababa where the government and private enterprises present their products from smart city, smart education, smart home, AI, 5G and robotics technologies, and STEMpower – Fablab, a prestigious place where many successful STEM programs often take place in Ethiopia and other nearby countries. It should be noted that, for more than a decade, the STEMpower – Fablab located inside the Ministry of education, builds up STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) programs that bridge ethnicity, gender and in turn promotes peace and development in African Countries. Pre university students who go there have the opportunity to learn this technology, which builds them towards a career in any STEM program of their choice.

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