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highupweb academy - graduation

It’s another season of joy, laughter, emotions and awards at HIGHUPWEB ACADEMY. It is always our dream and honor to pass on the ICT knowledge we have to people around and even far from us. On Saturday the 28th of January 2023, at Nikita Hotel in Yaounde, we had the honor and pleasure to graduate over 30 students (Who are now professionals) in various IT fields in our institution. These IT fields ranges from, Secretarial Duties, to Graphic design, Website Design, SearchEngine Optimisation. After three months of hard work, sleepless nights and work pressure, we are happy to have brought out the professional skills in these individuals and as professional as we have made them be, we are sure of their competence wherever they go to work.

During ourcertification program, we were pleased to have the presence of the CEO of PROREITMA,CEO of Kawa Answering service and the Technical Director of Mutelle Camerounaised’Emploi. The presence of these great people was greatly felt because of thewords of encouragement and advice they gave to our students. One of the mainthings was, the professional world is not an easy one, be prepared to have upsand downs, be prepared to have disappointments but let these disappointmentsand failures not break you down, instead they should serve as a stepping stone,and make you stronger. …………………………………………………………………………….

Have you been looking for an ICT training Center to better your skills, or start learning a skill in IT? HIGHUPWEB ACADEMY Is ready to do good work with you.Our next session begins on the 6th of March and registration is presently ongoing.

We offer IT trainings in the following IT fields;- Application Development (4 months)

– Website Design (3months)

– Graphic Design (3 months),

– Microsoft Office Applications (2months)

– Digital Marketing (3 months)

– E-Commerce Technologies (3 months)

– Database Administration (3 months)

– Video Editing (3 months)

– Cyber Security (3 months)

– Cloud Computing

– Amazon Web Services(AWS (3months)


Tel: 695 7744 60 / 672 42 42 43

WhatsApp:672 42 42 43

Address:Carrefour EMIA, Yaoundé, Cameroon. Website:

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