A walk through the state of affairs at Highupweb Academy in the past ten months

A lot of water has gone under the bridge recently as far as business is concerned at Highupweb Academy, and we thought about bringing you the synopsis.
In our committed to give back to the community through our corporate social responsibility, we sealed a Memorandum of understanding with Kitchen Bouy Foundation in April 2023.
Through this MoU, we are liaising with the Foundation to offer need-based scholarships to less privileged persons who have a passion to build careers in the domain of ICTs.
Beneficiary candidates are trained in a field of their choice, free-of-charge at our Academy.
We are convinced that the less privileged also have a right to build their dream careers in the ICTs and these dreams should not be compromised by their financial statuses.

Our partnership with Kitchen Bouy Foundation has been yielding fruits. In June, we admitted the first beneficiaries of our scholarship scheme, which we formalised in April through an MoU with the said foundation, in our collective quest to empower the youth with skills that can make them financially viable and autonomous.
It is our fervent believe and commitment that people’s dreams of building careers in the ICTs should not be compromised for lack of means.

At our Centre, we believe in the positive impact of physical exercises on mental health. HIGHUPWEB ACADEMY played a return-leg football match against JIMIT HIGHER INSTITUTE.
Given that sports is very important for health, we do not joke when we have the opportunity to make our students exercise themselfs after a stressful day.
On Saturday the 1st of April 2023, at the INUCASTY football field located behind the Catholic University at Carrefour Mvogt , the HIGHUPWEB ACADEMY team played a football was on the pitch.
Despite the downpour on that day, it was a very fun filled game. Our students and staff were able to network with our opponents and everything went smoothly.
We other exciting and more funfilled exercises, including hiking tours to Mont Febé and Mont Messa, all in Yaoundé-Cameroon.

Since we believe so much in team work, we thought of recognising the efforts of one of our oldest staff members in August.
She has been outstanding in her work, serving our clients, students and the institution as a whole, with a lot of commitment, diligence and abnegation.
Njilah Betty Mankfu is one of those staff members we have always counted on even at the most odd hours of the day. She always dedicates time to handle tasks beyond her normal working day or time and she never rests until work is not only done, but well done.
In our company, she has been nicknamed #Miss_Highupweb because she is involved in almost everything.
We couldn’t hold back our joy, seeing how far she has come, and this work certificate from the Managing Director, Jude Romeo Song, came as a mark of recognition for all her efforts, dedication and sacrifices to the company.
She was reminded that “to whom more is given, more is also expected,” and with a smile, she answered “I am up to to the task, Sir!”
Congratulations poured in from colleagues to beautify her work anniversary.

We have also covered miles in our knowledge transmission journey during this period, graduating three batches of over 150 trainees in different ICT fields who are apt and shaped for the 21st century job market.

Our train is still on the rails and more is yet to come.

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