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We are one of Cameroon’s outstanding ICT institutions with programs that have been carved to give our learners the skills that will enable them fit themselves adequately and confidently into an ideal 21st century working environment. What makes us unique is that our courses have been tailored to meet the needs of the job market, which makes our graduates very competitive and prolific.

We are committed to continuously provide training solutions that would impact positively on the road-map to IT career development and skills advancement of our trainees.

We deliver flexible and convenient training sessions both in our training laboratory/classrooms as well as at the clients’ locations.



Learn by doing, Not just theory. Quality and practical hands-on ICT and Computer training in Yaounde, Cameroon. Scroll through & Choose Any Course of your choice, Register today and get upto 15% discount.

Website Design

Get started with website design and development. Learn how to design and develop a responsive front-end website from scratch. 

Graphics Design

This Graphic Design Training Course will open up the world of digital graphic design and image editing that will help you expand your skillset. 

Digital Marketing

Learn how to build a Winning Digital Marketing Strategy to attract new customers and increase sales and grow any type of business.

ICICT Training center Cameroon - HIGHUPWEB ACADEMY

Application Development

Learn to design, develop and deploy secure mobile applications for Android and iOS using different in-demand technologies.

ICICT Training center Cameroon - HIGHUPWEB ACADEMY

Video Editing

With the growth of digital video in the last few years, professional editing has now become a must-have skill set for any growing company or individual. 

ICICT Training center Cameroon - HIGHUPWEB ACADEMY


Learn the fundamentals of administering relational database management systems, including managing concurrency and creating objects in the database.

ICICT Training center Cameroon - HIGHUPWEB ACADEMY

Microsoft Office Applications

Learn Advanced Microsoft office  Features in this practical hands-on training. Become an expert and learn to use Microsoft office like a pro.

ICICT Training center Cameroon - HIGHUPWEB ACADEMY

Cyber Security

Fast track your career in the field of cybersecurity with this comprehensive curriculum covering the certification-aligned courses. 

ICICT Training center Cameroon - HIGHUPWEB ACADEMY


Enhance your SEO & Google Ads skills with this in-depth training that covers keyword research, on-page SEO, link building, create successful Google Ad Campaigns and more.

Why Choose Us!

We are the only Academy in Yaounde, Cameroon that transforms people with no previous Knowledge of computer into tech experts within three months.

Highupweb Academy 7

Our programs are tailored to develop a community of certified professionals, providing companies, institutions and organizations the opportunity to ensure that their staff are competent and efficient in the implementation of ICT products in and out of the workplace.

Our course instructors are seasoned professionals with years of proven competence in various ICT specialties and the flair to make the classroom a place of conviviality and camaraderie.

In our quest to remain solution-oriented, we have adopted a policy of limiting intake in order to leave room for instructors to have a one-on-one touch with each learner. 

We provide a clean, good and comfortable learning environment for our students. We understand that the environment plays a great role in knowledge acquisition and it is for this reason that our working space is spacious and clean for better learning.