Free Hiking Program With our Students

Another Successful Hiking Session with our Students.

Aside from studies and training, we also love sporting activities that will help keep your body healthy and strong. At Highupweb Academy, we are aware of the virtues and importance of a sound mind in a healthy body, and how a healthy body gives you the ability to work better and learn best.

On the last Saturday of the month of October, we had another hiking session with our new set of students, which lasted for 2 hours. To begin with, dressed in our school sports attire, all the students and staff present gathered at the main entrance of the Congress Hall (Palais De Congrès) in Yaounde, at 6:30AM. Before beginning the hiking program proper, we did some stretching and exercises to warm up. At exactly 7:00AM, we started our walk to Mount Febe, with each person having a bottle of water to stay hydrated.

The group made up of 15 to 20 people was led by a coach who came from PAPOSY Proreitma Fitness center. During our walk, we discussed, we jugged, we walked, we sang, and had a fun filled experience. We count it all joy when we see our students relaxed and healthy. At exactly 9:30AM we all gathered at the main entrance of the Congress Hall again where we did final exercising and stretching before separating.

Note that, physical exercising helps to improve brain memory, cogitation, mood and boosts the flow of blood to the brain. In our strive to build careers in ICTs, we are constantly innovating on our teaching – learning experience in order to adapt to the exigencies of the job market and to ensure that our learners make the best out of our holistic approach. This is just the beginning of many more sporting activities in our academy. Our next hiking session will be taking place at Mount Messa in the month of November and we believe it will be another fun filled experience.

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