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STEM for kids in cameroon - HIGHUPWEB ACADEMY

Last Saturday was lit 🔥. When we sent out information about a one-day STEM class for kids, we wanted to take in just 10 of them, but because of the high turnout, 19 kids we finally retained for the training.

Children are naturally curious about the world around them, always asking, “Why?” “What is that?” “How does that work?” “Why is that happening?” Their curiosity leads them to explore their environment, problem-solve, invent, and discover new things, which ultimately leads to future learning and development. It is through play that young children are able to engage in this learning process, and it is through play that adults can support and guide children’s natural desire to explore and learn about STEM ideas.

As years go by technology changes and different things are being thought in many different ways, but it seems Africa is still a little behind. In order to keep our children up-to-date with things happening in this era, HIGHUPWEB ACADEMY in Partnership with Ubotics Lab organized a free training program on Saturday the 7th of August, where they learned how to build robots, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT). All these concepts were demonstrated practically using simple drag-and-drop software (uBotMaker) and plug-and-play hardware (uBot sensor and board)

This training took place at our center located at Carrefour Emia with a population of 19 children who came in ready to learn something new. For this training, we had three facilitators who actually understand how to work with children. So they took their time to make sure that these children each understood what they were being taught and at the end of the training, most of the children left with knowledge on robotics.

It should be noted that, 80% of this training was practical and 20% theory. The children were given electronics to connect and practice what they learned during the theoretical part of the training.

At HIGHUPWEB ACADEMY / Ubotics Lab, we understand that the world is fast growing and is fast changing and so we are ready and willing to make sure that our children get to be a part of the technological advancements. With the interest we saw in the children and the zeal they manifested to learn, we are certain that we will be organising more of such events. Who knows, you might be the next great person in the Tech world.

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