John Holmes once said “There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” Highupweb Academy is not only an institution that trains people in various IT fields, but we equally give a helping hand to those who are willing to learn, but do not have the means to do so. We offer a helping hand by giving scholarships to the those we talk with and see they really do need our assistance.

In the Month of September, we met with a young philanthropist by name Tawah Philimon who has been helping the less privileged and we decided to equally help him by offering him a three months fully funded scholarship to study Website Designing and Graphic designing in our institution, from the month of September to the month of December, which are IT fields we saw will be of great assistance to him and his foundation. Tawah Philimon is the CEO of Kitchen Bouy Foundation and he happens to be the first person to get a scholarship from our institution. In the course of his training, we saw that he is a very devoted person and we are happy he took his training program seriously. We are very proud to announce that he is now a professional Website Designer and Graphic Designer.

According to Steve Maraboli “A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.” Which is very typical for the next person who got a scholarship from us. In the month of December, while preparing for our new batch of students, we met with Chi Bertrand who is a handicapped Internally Displaced Person in Yaoundé. Bertrand came to us with the zeal and interest to study IT, though he did not know anything in this field. After listening to his story, we decided to offer him a scholarship in our institution for him to study Microsoft Office Applications and Website Design. Despite his health condition, his devotion to what he is learning right now still amazes us, but we are sure that he will be able to master these skills.

Chi Bertrand is still going through his training program, and he will be rounding up by the end of the month of June. Spreading IT knowledge can be done in so many ways and a scholarship is just another way of getting people to grab this knowledge in this digital era.

Are you surprised we offer scholarships? well don’t be.

Are you interested in grabbing a skill in ICT but you don’t have a means to do so, visit our website https://highupwebacademy.com/scholarship/ and see what it takes to have a scholarship in our institution.

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