Hiking at Mont Febe with our Students


At Highupweb Academy, we are aware of the virtues and importance of a sound mind in a healthy body. That is why in our training programme, we blend physical activities with course work in order to bring out the best in our trainees.

ICT is a field where creativity and innovation are the watch-words, and for these to take place, the learners must be alert and performant in their bodies and brians.
Beyond being a mere fun activity, our routine hiking and other outdoor events have turned out to be important opportunities for our trainees to network and strike deals that position their lives and careers on the right track even before they graduate.

Physical exercises provide regular aerobic activity which is known to have beneficial effects in brain memory, cogitation, mood and boosts the flow of blood to the brain.
In our strive to build careers in ICTs, we are constantly innovating on our teaching – learning experience in order to adapt to the exigencies of the job market and to ensure that our learners make the best out of our holistic approach.

Ahead of the induction of our next batch of trainees in September, we thought it wise to begin by preparing the brains and bodies for the intellectual transformation that will soon follow. If you missed our last hiking event that took us from the Yaounde Multipurpose Sports Complex up to Mont Fébé on Saturday, August 07, then stay connected to our online platforms for we have more outdoor programmes coming up, including exchange visits to sister ICT training institutions.

And if you are interested in building a career in ICTs, then Highupweb is your plug. Join us now.

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